AktiVax  www.aktivax.com

AktiVax is developing a range of prefilled delivery devices that are designed for efficient high volume manufacturing, and provide the simplicity, safety and cost effectiveness that the vaccine industry is looking for. Through our proprietary prefilled reconstitution administration device portfolio, AktiVax engages in collaborations with vaccine companies to create superior vaccine packaging and delivery solutions overcoming the costs, logistics complexities, and safety problems with the syringe and vials system.


Aurora Oncology  www.auroraoncology.com

Aurora Oncology is an early stage oncology company focused on novel therapies for bladder cancer. The lead product is an epidermal growth factor – diphtheria toxin A (EGF-DTA) fusion protein for intravesicular treatment of superficial bladder cancer. A second product is comprised of a gold nanorod – anti-EGFR mAb conjugate to image and treat superficial bladder cancer. An earlier stage program licensed from Dr. Dan Theodorescu’s lab at the UC Cancer Center is focused on developing proprietary small molecules that target Ral GTPases.


FitBionic is dedicated to one principle: amputees deserve whole-person care. We believe in stimulating healthy, active lifestyles, and in offering bionics that feel as comfortable, lively, and functional as their biological equivalents. With early funding from the National Institutes of Health, we've demonstrated that it's possible to create high-quality, affordable prosthetic feet that walk more safely over any terrain, reduce pain and fall risk, and particularly serve the needs of amputees with diabetes. Our first product, the FitBionic Foot, has been demonstrated to allow amputees to walk more efficiently than with carbon fiber feet and we believe this will result in increased activity and the related health benefits of amputees.


Flashback Technologies www.flashbacktechnologies.com

Flashback Technologies, Inc. is a development-stage medical IT company focused on advancing development of its Cardiovascular Reserve Monitor proprietary learning framework for the real-time analysis of physiological data. The Cardiovascular Reserve Monitor is directed at improving clinical outcomes for trauma patients with unrecognized hemorrhage, as well as other forms of volume loss.

KromaTiD  www.kromatid.com

KromaTiD has developed the first high-resolution chromatid imaging and analysis platform for the discovery and detection of chromosomal inversions that cannot be detected with current technologies including FISH and sequencing. Inversions are associated with cancer, developmental disorders, infertility, and radiation illness. KromaTiD’s products have both research and clinical diagnostic applications. KromaTiD will supply research reagents, kits and custom probes to researchers and clinicians.

PeptiVir  www.peptivir.com

PeptiVir, Inc. is an early stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of a conformationally-constrained, synthetic peptide-based vaccine platform for the prevention of viral diseases. PeptiVir’s lead product, PVI-1000, has the potential to be a “universal” influenza vaccine wherein one or two administrations could lead to sustained protection against multiple seasonal and pandemic strains. This is in contrast to existing influenza vaccines that must be generated and administered yearly and induce antibodies that provide protection only against that year’s seasonal flu strains. PVI-1000 is predicted to work by inducing cross-reactive antibodies that would protect against multiple influenza virus strains.

Sapphire Technology                       www.sapphire-technology.com

 Sapphire Technology is developing proprietary dental instruments for use with composite materials. Unlike current dental filling instruments, which typically utilize metal for their tips, our instrument line employ highly polished and optically clear sapphire tips instead. The use of sapphire significantly reduces composite pullback, provides a reduction of voids in the composite material, and improves the bond between the filling material and the patient’s natural tooth resulting in greatly improved outcomes & decreased cases of revision.

Sophono  www.sophono.com

Sophono, Inc. has developed the world’s first non-percutaneous, implantable, bone-anchored hearing device. The Alpha 1 System, which was initially developed in Germany and received its CE mark in 2006 and received its FDA 510(k) clearance in May 2011, eliminates the problematic abutment of other devices by using magnets to securely affix the external sound processor to a titanium implant.

VetDC  www.vet-dc.com

VetDC, Inc. a Colorado State University start-up headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a product development company focused on in-licensing, developing and commercializing novel biotechnologies to address serious unmet medical needs in companion animals. VetDC makes use of CSU expertise in furthering development of its cancer-focused veterinary product company; its first product was licensed from Gilead to treat lymphoma.